Melbourne City Hypnotherapy & Intuitive Counselling provides a range of multi-faceted services to adolescents and adults. We often use multiple modalities within, and across, our sessions and programs to provide you the greatest opportunity for achieving your desired shifts. 

Face-to-Face Consultations

We provide in-person consultations in our rooms in the Moonee Ponds. This is particularly convenient for locals and professionals who live or work inner city as well as from the greater metropolitan Melbourne suburbs. We are located a 30 minute tram ride from Flinders Street Station or Melbourne Central Station via Tram 57 (Elizabeth St.). Free onsite parking is also located directly behind the premises. 

Online / Remote Consultations

We offer remote consultations via Zoom for clients that either live regionally, outside of Melbourne or prefer the comfort of their own couch at home. Online Consultations are just as effective as Face-to-Face Consultations. 


Home Visits

In some extraneous circumstances we can make home-visits for an additional call-out fee. 



We find that clients benefit greatly from our Complimentary Obligation-Free 60 Minute Breakthrough Session to clarify and discuss their specific needs. Book now to learn more about how our modalities may provide you with the tools to facilitate the change you need. 

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Consulting Hypnotherapy

Our sessions work to connect your subconscious memories, patterns and programming with your conscious awareness and your emotion-processing centres. Using deep trance state techniques you are presented with the inner-framework and tools to understand, release and renew the elements shaping and interfering with your emotional and psychological well-being. 

Regression Therapy

The subconscious mind experiences time very differently to the conscious mind, retaining vivid attachment to your past memories, often beyond your awareness. Regression Therapy focuses on uncovering and resolving significant past events that are interrupting your current psychological health. Memories can stem from your present-life or past-life experiences. 

Intuitive Counselling

Our hypnotherapy sessions are guided by intuitive counselling to uncover the initial sensitising events related to your current presenting issue and to integrate new insights. Our philosophy in approaching your wellness program is to address the earliest incidences that influenced the development of your current concerns, emotions and behaviours. 


A powerful form of energetic hypnosis known to pre-date verbal hypnosis. Mesmerism is non-verbal and works to relieve psychological, emotional and physical trauma via therapeutic and energetic touch. It functions to rebalance your internal energy systems working with your enteric brain. This process reinvigorates the natural processes in your body to release, revitalise and heal.

Mind Coaching

Bridge the gap to success by augmenting your ability to achieve your life and business goals. Establish strategies to intervene on automatic habit-loops that have you performing below your best, while training your brain to engage your targets with mindfulness, confidence and drive. Often coupled with performance enhancing hypnosis for optimum results.

Accountability Partnering

Our accountability partnering platform provides you with ongoing coaching and support to achieve your goals. Be it a short-term a short or long-term project, a health-management target, the establishment of a new skill or business, we can help you with ongoing personal support, guidance and feedback to reach your ongoing performance expectations.

The eyes are useless when the mind is blind.



Modern Consulting Hypnotherapy, Intuitive Counselling & Strategic Mind Coaching services for adults, adolescents and couples. Facilitating change from within.